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VocalStepsVocalSteps is a set of classical and modern vocal exercises, designed to provide music teachers and students with valuable tools to improve the vocal technique.

It is a series of musical Tracks, with voice guidance on which the student can practice accompanied by a rhythm section that allows them to assimilate the different styles in their vocal extension.

Each exercise consists of:

6 "folders" corresponding to the 6 voice extensions::

  • Soprano
  • Mezzo
  • Contralto
  • Tenor
  • Baritone
  • Bass

CEach of the folders contains:

  • "demo" - track with female voice
  • "lead" track - base with melodic guide performed by a musical instrument
  • "no lead" track - base without melodic guide
  • "lead +1# track - transported base of 1 semitone with melodic guide performed by a musical instrument
  • "no lead +1# track - semitone transport base without melodic guide
  • "lead +2# track - transported base of two semitones with melodic guide performed by a musical instrument
  • "no lead +2# - transported base of two semitones without melodic guide
  • "lead +3# track - transported base of three semitones with melodic guide performed by a musical instrument
  • "no lead +3# track - transported base of three semitones without melodic guide
  • If you are a beginner, we recommend that you attend singing lessons with a qualified teacher.
  • Remember that your voice can be damaged if used incorrectly.
  • If you understand that you have limits on voice range, agility, and tone, choose the extension you feel best in.
  • Don’t not try to adapt to an extension that you don’t feel is yours, find the right one and be yourself.
Singing teachers, students, choir directors and singers, professional and amateur singers, public and private music schools, music associations, choirs, conservatories and higher education academies.

Vocalsteps was created in 2014 by singer and vocal coach_and support teacher Irma Pizzutelli and cross disciplinary pianist Stefano Cavese, with the intention of creating a web site that contains singing exercises of easy use and high quality.

This would allow students practice anywhere and with any device (pc/tablet/smartphone) optimizing study timeand offering teachers agile and complete teaching tools.

The first phase of the work that started in 2015 was to write vocals in the most popular modern styles (Funk, R&B, Blues, Disco, Reggae, rock&roll, Twist, Rock, Latin) arranged for small ensembles (piano/guitar, bass and drums) with a leading voice played by a wind instrument and adapted to different male and female vocal extensions (Soprano, Mezzo, Contralto, Tenor, Baritone, Bass)

This way the learner has the opportunity to practice the voice, acquiring a multi-layered knowledge, sustained by the accompaniment of a band that makes the exercises less boring and more attractive.

In 2020, Percussionist Antonio Casula joined the team and collaborated in the arrangement of the drums as well as in the transcription of the exercises in the various vocal extensions.

In the second phase, classical exercises were introduced in both minor and major scales and arrangements for string quintet (2 violins, viola, violoncello and double bass) including snare drum.

Again, the instrumental accompaniment makes the exercise more engaging as the learner gets the feeling of singing along with a small orchestra.
These exercises are designed for both opera singers and singers of other musical genres in order to improve their vocal technique.

Both modern and classic genres demo tracks have been recorded by a live female voice in order to provide an example of high execution through the use of main characteristic syllables, but this does not mean that any teacher or learner can choose others.

The recordings and mastering were made in 2021 at the Production Music Studio of Angelo Loffredi. The demo voice for modern styles is of the singer Vanda Rapisardi and the one for classical exercises is of the singer Irma Pizzutelli.

Irma Pizzutelli
Irma Pizzutelli
Stefano Cavese
Stefano Cavese
Antonio Casula
Antonio Casula
Giovanna Rapisardi
Giovanna Rapisardi
Angelo Loffredi
Angelo Loffredi

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